Palmdale gas station manager looking for man who won $75,000 in lotto ticket mishap

PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- A man who went to cash out his lottery ticket at a Palmdale gas station was given $75, but his ticket was actually worth $75,000.

Officials are trying to track down the man who went into a Palmdale store and was thousands of dollars short of his winnings.

Shamsun Hahar Islam, the Palmdale gas station manager, said the cashier misread the numbers on the machine.

The man just took his money and left, and that's when the cashier realized his mistake.

The cashier called Islam right away. Russ Lopez with the California Lottery said he was contacted and the organization is conducting a slow, but thorough investigation.

The store's manager hopes the public can help find him so that he can claim his large prize. He has six months to claim it.
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