Eyewitness This: Bill seeks to nix speed limit for parts of I-5, Grand Canyon radiation exposure, SeaWorld scare

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Eyewitness This: Bill could nix I-5 speed limit, Grand Canyon radiation
Eyewitness This: Here are the stories to start your day.

Eyewitness This: Here are the stories to start your day.

Bill seeks to eliminate speed limits for parts of 5 Freeway, Highway 99

California roads are already pretty hectic - but how would you like to drive with no speed limit on parts of the 5 Freeway and Highway 99?

That's what Orange County State Sen. John Moorlach is proposing. The Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill proposing the construction of two additional northbound and southbound lanes to both highways, allowing drivers to go faster than the current speed limits. Speed limits would remain on the older lanes.

Moorlach's bill says the intent is to provide an alternative to the "high speed rail system" while reducing greenhouse gases. The bill must pass with majority votes in the State Senate.

SeaWorld scare: 16 people rescued after being trapped on gondolas

About 16 people were trapped on a ride at SeaWorld in San Diego Monday night and it took hours to bring all of them to safety.

San Diego authorities said around six gondolas stopped functioning after a big gust of wind tripped a circuit breaker on "Bayside Skyride."

Authorities estimated that 16 people were trapped, some of them in gondolas suspended above water. The National Weather Service says it was about 49 degrees in San Diego at the time.

Grand Canyon visitors, employees may have been exposed for years to radiation

A frightening discovery at the Grand Canyon -- children, tourists and employees may have been exposed to dangerous radiation levels.

Federal officials said three paint buckets stored in the national park's museum collection were full of radioactive uranium for decades -- then removed.

The park's safety director said thousands of people were possibly affected and alleges nothing was done to warn park workers or the public.

A public affairs specialist says park service officials are working to investigate and the area is safe.

Latest SoCal forecast: Cold temps linger, rain on the way!

SoCal will see cool and clear conditions Tuesday, with some rain returning in the forecast late Wednesday.