Street-style, plant-based tacos delight vegetarian and vegan foodies

Cena Vegan makes plant-based proteins for their street-style tacos and Mexican dishes

ByJose Mayorquin KABC logo
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Vegans delight in authentic, plant-based tacos
Delicious plant-based meats and authentic, street-style tacos make Cena Vegan a top choice for vegans, vegetarians, and foodies throughout LA.

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (KABC) -- Cena Vegan's freshly pressed corn tortillas and excellent vegan tacos have made the Lincoln Heights-based pop-up a favorite among plant-based foodies in Los Angeles. They recently took their vegan offerings to Veg Fest in Santa Clarita.

"As a vegetarian, vegan, having a street taco like you would at one of those taco carts that you see all over East LA was no longer available to us," said Cena Vegan co-founder Carmen Santillan. "So we decided to create it for ourselves. The response to our food has been overwhelmingly positive."

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Cena Vegan was recently named Best Vegan Pop-up and Best Vegan Taco by Veg Out Magazine.

"I've been vegan for two years," said Santa Clarita resident Milly Gonzalez. "Having options, like at Cena Vegan, is just so helpful to us because when we are craving an authentic Mexican dish, we know there's a spot that we can find."

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"Our birria is Jalisco style, and it's so close to the original that we have people swear that there's meat in there," said Santillan. "But everything on our menu is 100 percent plant-based.