What is Clubhouse app? Inside the newest online phenomenon

ByRebecca Jarvis KABC logo
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Clubhouse app: Inside the newest exclusive online phenomenon
Clubhouse - it's the exclusive, invite-only social networking app that's suddenly popping up everywhere.

It's unlike other social platforms because it's exclusive.

Clubhouse is the hottest social media app right now. It's invite-only and it connects people to talk, and actually speak to each other.

It's already been installed more than five million times around the world.

"If you have not heard of Clubhouse yet, you are absolutely missing out!," said Youtuber Nakisha Wynn.

"What is Clubhouse and should you be on it? Spoiler, yes, you should," added fellow Youtuber Tasia Custode.

The exclusive, invite-only social networking app is suddenly popping up everywhere.

"These little boxes that you see with the title and people within it are what you call rooms," explained Youtuber Ben Leavitt.

In each of those "rooms," users can be a fly on the wall, listening in on conversations and interviews on loads of topics like a virtual dinner party on your phone.

"People are doing any and everything on Clubhouse. They're pitching businesses, they're dating, there are stand-up comedy rooms on the platform," said tech expert Stephanie Humphrey. "You have that option to raise your hand and join the conversation."

It's become a viral sensation in the stay-at-home pandemic era as Clubhouse says it hit over 2 million weekly users within the last month.

Oprah and Serena Williams have been seen on the app, and recently Elon Musk joined the club.

"On Clubhouse tonight at 10 pm LA time," he tweeted prompting 5,000 people to join in on the chat.

However, like all of social media, there are privacy considerations.

"My biggest privacy concern with Clubhouse is the fact that you have to give them your contact list on your phone in order to use the app," Humphrey said. "And Clubhouse still does have some real content moderation issues around the types of things that get said in clubs."

But that's not stopping tech-titans from jumping in.

"So Clubhouse definitely has some competition waiting for it," Humphrey said. "Twitter already has a very similar feature called spaces; Facebook is in development right now for a feature and Mark Cuban is actually developing an app called Fireside."