Comfort L.A. brings their cleaner approach to soul food to Inglewood

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Comfort L.A. brings their cleaner approach to soul food to Inglewood
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Comfort L.A. aims to take a healthy approach to soul food at their new location in Inglewood.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Comfort L.A., the late night pop-up restaurant that started in downtown Los Angeles, has made its way to Inglewood. Co-owners Jeremy McBryde and Mark Walker said they want the restaurant to be a space for the community

"It doesn't matter if you're disenfranchised or had your ups and your downs, you know, everybody's entitled to love," McBryde said. "So, we want to make sure everybody feels the love."

Walker said Inglewood is changing, and he wants Comfort L.A. to be a part of that change.

"Everything is happening in Inglewood," said Walker. "It's about being in the right place."

Comfort L.A. is trying to take a clean approach to soul food by sourcing local, fresh and organic produce.

"We sell Mary's wings. ABF, GMO free, free-range and it's fresh - that's the biggest thing," said Walker.

The restaurant aims to show people that they can still enjoy the taste of all their favorite foods such as mac and cheese, greens and fried chicken, without necessarily risking their health. Comfort L.A. customer, Shequeta Smith, said that's one of the reasons she keeps coming back.

"I've been coming back because the food is good," Smith said. "It's healthy, I love the fact that the greens are like, vegan. Even though I'm not vegan in any way, shape or form."

Inglewood native Marcus Montgomery is glad Comfort L.A. was able to add a second location in Inglewood.

"I'm glad they're here. Matter of fact, I was just passing by, didn't realize they had a spot here in Inglewood, so I just made a U-turn to come back and try it out," Montgomery said.

And as for a certain fast-food chain and their trending chicken sandwich who shall remain nameless, McBryde said there's no hate.

"I want us to be smarter with our dollar," McBryde said. "You can go support that, just make sure you support the local chicken sandwiches."

Montgomery has tasted the famous Popeye's chicken sandwich and said it can't compare to Comfort L.A.'s chicken sandwich, also known as the "Big Sexy."

"This has a little bit more soul into it, so it's a lot better than the others," Montgomery said.

Both co-owners are confident that the taste of their cuisine will keep customers coming back.

"If we get you in here one time, I'm a firm believer, we got you for life, so come on in, grab a plate," McBryde said. "Flavors don't lie."

Comfort L.A. in Inglewood is located at 902 N. La Brea Ave.