Charmin unveils toilet paper delivery robot at Consumer Electronics Show

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Monday, January 6, 2020
Charmin unveils toilet paper delivery robot
TOILET TECH: Charmin announces a robot no one knew they needed, a robot that can deliver toilet paper.

LAS VEGAS -- The Consumer Electronics Show is getting underway in Las Vegas, and there is already some truly bizarre tech being unveiled.

Several of the strange items are from toilet paper producer Charmin. The "RollBot" is a self-balancing robot that connects to your phone and delivers a fresh roll if you catch yourself in a bind. The robot has a version of the Charmin bear as its face as well.

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Charmin also revealed "SmellSense," a sensor that can tell if a restroom is less than fresh smelling. The device connects to your phone and can alert you before you head to the bathroom.

The last reveal from Charmin is the "V.I.Pee." Charmin says the device is a "premium porta-potty experience enhanced with Oculus Rift S VR that will transport any GOer to the front row so you will never miss a beat while on the seat."

Charmin says all three devices will only be available for people at CES. They will not go on sale to the public.