Singing officers use 'Karaoke with Cops' to fight crime in Philadelphia

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Saturday, November 23, 2019
Singing officers use 'Karaoke with Cops' to fight crime
Singing officers use 'Karaoke with Cops' to fight crime

PHILADELPHIA -- Every Friday two police officers fill the streets of Philadelphia with music and dancing.

The two officers say its their way of helping transform one of the city's most violent communities.

"Anybody done karaoke with a cop before?" Officer Shamssadeen Nur Ali Baukman asked. "I suggested that maybe we should do karaoke, and the rest is pretty much history."

On Friday's the two cops block off a busy intersection in West Philadelphia and host a block party with dancing and Karaoke.

"I grew up in West Philadelphia where we are now, and I have seen so many people get hurt by violence so I wanted to be the answer, the solution, be that local neighborhood hero. That was my goal," Baukman said.

A DJ volunteers his time, and every week more and more people show up.

"We always see police officers using too much force or abusing their power, but we rarely see incidents where we see police officers in a positive light," officer Justin Harris said.

The officers hope to change the outlook of cops around the world.

"All we need is a conversation. A conversation can change a lot," Baukman said.