Researchers study safest way to drive without spreading COVID-19

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020
Study finds safest way to drive without spreading virus
Press play for three easy tips you can follow while riding inside a car to eliminate the spread of COVID-19.

New research looks at the safest way to drive to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 while inside a car.

Scientists in Massachusetts studied the airflow inside vehicles, with findings that could help those who use rideshare.

Researchers found that when the heat was on and the windows were up, there was a high risk for transmission of the virus, even when the passenger and driver weren't sitting side-by-side.

"That's not surprising because we would expect that the more windows that are open, the more circulation of air there is and the easier it is to flush any contaminants out of the car," said Kenny Breuer, a researcher at Brown University.

So, if you're taking a road trip over the holidays, the CDC recommends that only people from the same household ride in the car.

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Here are three tips on the safest way to drive:

  • Drive with all four windows down
  • Have the passenger sit in the rear seat on the opposite side of the driver
  • Wear a mask when needed

Scientists recommend people wear a mask when the weather is bad and they can't have all the windows down.

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