'Date While You Wait,' man's subway speed-dating booth, to become TV show

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Man's subway speed-dating booth to become TV show
Thomas Knox created 'Date While You Wait' as a way for people to connect while traveling on the New York City subway, soon it will become a TV show.

NEW YORK -- The New York City subway isn't necessarily known for its friendliness, but Thomas Knox is on a mission to change that.

"A lightbulb went off in my head and I thought, what can I do to connect people? We're so disconnected when we're traveling," Knox said.

Thomas came up with "Date While You Wait."

"Two chairs, a table, a flower in a bottle I think it's a nice touch and I usually bring a board game with me," Knox said.

Some people sit for just a few quick minutes as they wait for their train.

"And then as it started to get more popular people would sit with me for 20, 30 minutes telling me their life stories playing Connect Four," Knox said.

Despite the name, "Date While You Wait" isn't about finding love.

Knox said it's about connecting with our fellow human beings. He's spoken with ex-convicts, CEOs and everyone in between.

"Meeting Howard Wexler, the founder of Connect Four, was a highlight for me," Knox said.

Other subway strangers are grateful just to be seen and heard.

"I met with an educator who had to stop teaching because she was diagnosed with an illness that caused her to be in pain, and sitting down with me was the first time she hadn't felt pain since she was diagnosed," Knox said. "That really warmed my heart."

"Date While You Wait" has already been nominated for a New York Emmy Award.

Now, "Date While You Wait" is set to become a new TV series on a local channel in New York City with its heartwarming message front and center.

"We all have something in common no matter who we are or where we're from and if you can find that commonality when we're having those conversations you can talk, you can engage better," Knox said.