Real world meets fairy tale world again for music-filled sequel 'Disenchanted'

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Thursday, November 17, 2022
Amy Adams returns for music-filled sequel 'Disenchanted'
In "Disenchanted," Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey move from Manhattan to a quiet suburban community, but they soon find it isn't at all what they expected.

LOS ANGELES -- "Disenchanted" is a sequel that has been a long time coming.

The origin film "Enchanted" was released in 2007. Now, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are back, with some old friends and some new frenemies to let us know what's been happening in their fairy tale world.

"Disenchanted" has us catching up with Giselle and Robert and their growing family. They move from Manhattan to a quiet suburban community in search of a more fairy tale life.

But they soon find suburbia isn't at all what they expected. Giselle turns to a bit magic for help, but that accidentally reveals a dark side she's never seen before!

The "twist" offered Adams plenty of fun going "back and forth" between good and evil.

"It was like acting gymnastics. And it was so much fun - the flip flops," said Adams. "It was so much fun when she's talking to herself. It feels very strange to execute... once I got it in my skin I had so much fun with it."

Maya Rudolph joins the cast as the not-so-nice "queen bee" of the new small town. Good, bad, it doesn't matter. Rudolph is just happy to do what she loves.

"It's like what you really think it'll be like when you're daydreaming 'I want to be in musicals!'" said Rudolph.

Newcomer Gabriella Baldaccino plays Adams' step-daughter. She came in well versed with the world of the original "Enchanted."

"I was like 5 or 6 when the movie came out. I got to see it in theaters," said Baldaccino. "I watched it a million times, it was probably my favorite movie. So being here now it was just kind of insane and mind blowing, and I think little me would just not be able to process it at all."

"Disenchanted" debuts on Disney+ on Friday, Nov. 18.

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