This imaginative donut shop is inspired by Mexican pop culture

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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Mexican pop culture themed donut shop sells Selena inspired donuts
Nostalgia is on the menu at Donas in Downey- and everyone is loving it!

The donut shop in Downey, CA is anything but traditional.

From the Instagram-friendly decor inside and out, to the glittery and imaginative donuts inspired by Mexican pop culture. This shop can't keep their doughnuts on the shelf!

Some of the top neighborhood favorites are the Abuelita hot chocolate, bionico, mazapan and El Santo donuts, but their best-selling one is the Bidi Bom donut, which is inspired by the late Mexican-Tejana singer, Selena.

The delicious, sugary treats are made fresh daily with real yeast and take many hours to make just right.

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