Californians need to use less water, here's what officials are implementing

California is seeing a recording-breaking drought and the state is offering incentives to use less water.
The months of January, February, and March 2022 were the driest on record dating back more than 100 years, according to the weekly California Drought Update.

And the city intends on doing something about it starting June 1.

There are two options, one of them being one-day-a-week watering for member agencies in the impacted areas.

The other which Metropolitan proposed was providing a volumetric amount on a monthly basis for member agencies to manage that amount of water that is allocated to them from Metropolitan through the State Water Project," said Terrence McCarthy, Manager of Water Resources Policy at LADWP.

McCarthy says they're waiting on the final monthly budget number from Metropolitan to determine which option is better.

Why is it important we act now? Well, all of California's 58 counties are under a drought emergency.

McCarthy says to look at the incentives, like swapping out home and landscaping devices that use less water.

"We not only help you to change out to more efficient devices but in the long run, you'll see lower water bill because you're not using as much," said McCarthy.

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