Donor pays tuition for SoCal nursing student who shared her story of hardship

A SoCal nursing student who shared her story on ABC7 recently got quite the surprise: A donor from a family of doctors offered to foot her nursing tuition bill.
About a week and a half ago, we brought you the story of Misheda Myles. She's one of many college students out there who no longer have the resources to cover tuition.

Well now her story has come full circle, as an ABC7 viewer who saw our story took action, in a big way.

Less than two weeks ago, Myles did not know how she would pay for tuition. She only had 16 weeks of schooling left.

"I have some of the money for tuition, but the school wants all of the money. So unless I have all of the money, I can't enroll," said Myles.

After hearing her story, one Eyewitness News viewer stepped up, to Myles' surprise, and paid the entire bill.

"I'm so thankful to him and his family. I'm about to get emotional," said Myles.

Tuesday morning Myles and her benefactor, Ron Dumont, got to see each other virtually for the first time.

"Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You and your family have literally changed my life," said Myles.

Myles grew up in Philadelphia, and Dumont in Mexico City, but they have a unique bond - a love for family and medicine.
"My youngest brother is autistic," she said. "And we never knew that he was autistic until he was like five years old, and I just wanted to help people that have issues like my little brother."

She wants to be an emergency room nurse. His sister is an emergency room doctor.

Dumont comes from a family of doctors.

"My grandmother who lived to be almost 102 years old was a physician," Dumont said. "She was a pediatrician and spent her life as a doctor helping those most in need."

"Four months from turning 100 years old, she traveled from Mexico City to Philadelphia to watch her granddaughter, who would be the third-generation doctor in our family."

Dumont wants to see Myles fulfill her calling.

"What you're choosing to do is extremely admirable," said Dumont.

"I've been on cloud nine, at the same time speechless," Myles said. "At the same time, emotional. So I've been going through all these different emotions, but I could tell you this much - I won't let you down that's for sure."
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