Beloved business in Reseda that sells and repairs remote control vehicles may close down

The owner of ehobby House started a GoFundMe in hopes to raise enough money to keep the store running.

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Thursday, July 27, 2023
Business in Reseda that sells remote control vehicles may close down
ehobby House sells and repairs remote control vehicles in Reseda. After 42 years in the community, the business might be shutting down.

RESEDA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- ehobby House in Reseda has been selling and repairing remote control vehicles for over 40 years. If it can fly, hover, or zoom across the floor with a remote, chances are Greg Boguslavsky can fix it.

"We sell and repair RC cars boats, planes, helicopters, airplanes, basically anything RC," said Boguslavsky.

Boguslavsky says he's had a passion for remote control vehicles ever since he was little.

"I remember somebody was selling some little remote control car and I was just begging my parents to buy it," Boguslavsky said.

When Boguslavsky took ownership of ehobby House in 2016, he says business was doing great and he had many loyal customers who loved the hobby.

"When I started in 2016, it was really good. 2017, 2018 got even better. 2018, 2019 was at its high," Boguslavsky said.

But then in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and Boguslavsky says the store was struggling.

"Everything went downhill starting with the delays in shipments, then we closed down. No money coming in because customers weren't coming and now we're barely hanging in there," Boguslavsky said.

Boguslavsky says he's behind on rent and utility bills, but he's remaining optimistic and started a GoFundMe to raise money for the store.

"I'm not trying to get the money for myself. I'm trying to preserve the store because it has been here for so long,"

Boguslavsky says the community is what makes this place so special and he hopes to raise $100,000 on GoFundMe to keep the store running.

"It makes me kind of sad because of the fact that, yeah you don't really have anywhere to go anymore," said customer Johnny Gallo.

"It's a very sad and dark feeling inside because this place brings so much happiness and joy," said customer Yasean Bruce.

Boguslavsky said he's not sure how much longer the store will survive, but he's doing everything possible to keep the doors open.

"I figured if I can get some help to get this thing going again, I'll use every resource I have," Boguslavsky said.

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