Elisabeth Moss shines in new Hulu series, 'The Veil'

The six-episode limited series streams April 30 on Hulu

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Friday, April 26, 2024
Elisabeth Moss shines in new Hulu series, 'The Veil'
Elisabeth Moss shines as a super-spy with many stories to tell in the new thriller "The Veil."

LOS ANGELES -- Elisabeth Moss: Super spy? That's the role she's taking on in Hulu's "The Veil."

On The Red Carpet caught up with Moss, who told us about this new limited series.

"It's about an MI6 spy who meets her match in an asset who she has to kind of commandeer and take under her wing. But she bites off, I think, more than she expected," Moss said.

Yumna Marwan plays Adilah El Idrissi, the asset in question. She's an ISIS fighter who Elisabeth's character Imogen must transfer from the Syria-Turkey border to France. Through the six-episode series, Imogen must determine whether Adilah is really who she says she is. And what is she holding back herself?

"And it becomes this game between them of finding out who's telling the truth and who's lying and who they both really are," Moss continued.

The story of how "The Veil" came to be is a rather unexpected one according to producer Denise Di Novi.

"I met a retired intelligence officer in a hotel bar who had a little too much to drink and shared things that were going on a few years ago, where they were kind of overwhelmed in France with the situation and they were bringing in the MI6 and the CIA to be helpful and a culture clash was causing a lot of difficulties. And I instantly thought, I'm a TV producer, I thought wow, that's a TV series," Di Novi explained.

She sought out her friend, writer Steven Knight, who crafted a story that Di Novi says subverts the thriller genre while keeping all the elements people love about them.

"I think the two female characters being at the heart of it and surprising you in that they're not enemies in the traditional sense...they actually connect as human beings," Di Novi continued. "So I think it's a very unusual thriller, but it has all the fun stuff of the action and intrigue and the mystery and the deception and all those things."

Moss is no stranger to playing challenging characters. After making a name for herself playing the youngest daughter of President Bartlett on "The West Wing," she landed the pivotal role of Peggy Olsen on "Mad Men." And she won a Best Actress Emmy award for her role as June Osbourne in Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."

"I came of age in a time where TV got really, really good," Moss said.

"I always just look for the writing and with "The Veil," it was the best thing I was reading."

You can see it all when "The Veil" premieres April 30 on Hulu.

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