2 cats inherit $300,000 from late owner, a famous author, in the Bronx

BySandra Bookman WABC logo
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NEW YORK CITY -- Who doesn't love a kitten? So, perhaps it's no surprise that a wealthy Bronx pet owner made sure her beloved cats would be taken care of after her death.

Troy and Tiger share a $300,000 bequest, just a small portion of author Ellen Frey-Wouter's $3-million estate, which includes a large home in an exclusive section of the Bronx.

Frey-Wouter was 88 and a widow with no children when she died. Two of her former home health aides now each take care of her precious pets.

They submit the bills for expenses such as food, grooming and vet care and are reimbursed from that trust fund.

Of course, Troy and Tiger aren't the only pampered pets to be so singled out by a doting owner.

In 2007 when the infamous "Queen of Mean" Leona Helmsley died, she left her dog Trouble $12 million.

"I think that's incredible," said Demetri Tsoulos, a pet owner.

Fellow pet owner Tsoulos is among those applauding the thoughtfulness of his late neighbor, indicating he'd do the same for his dogs.

"Your pets are your family and leaving money behind so that they can be taken care of is a beautifully humane gesture and it's a lesson for the rest of us," Tsoulos said.