Alec Baldwin shares challenges of hosting 'Match Game'

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Decorated actor Alec Baldwin shared the difficulties in managing the pacing and risque subject manner as host of 'Match Game.' (KABC)

With more than 100 movie and TV credits on his resume, Alec Baldwin navigated into a different career path by becoming the host for ABC's "Match Game" last year.

"To be the guy that's like at the deck of that ship and doing that, it was really hard the first day I did it," Baldwin shared.

His anchors remain his wife and three children as he tries to stay close to home for his work.

"All my work choices are about staying home and there are films I go do and there are some TV things I'm going to do, but all of it I've got to stay in New York," Baldwin explained.

Jumping into the game show world required a bit of a learning curve with pacing becoming the biggest surprise for the actor.

"You got to keep it moving and that was the thing for me that was really, really the challenge. It seemed simple and eventually it became easier, but the first day I was really dreadful at it," Baldwin said.

With its 10 p.m. time slot, "Match Game" also often pushes the envelope in terms of subject matter.

"It's no filthier than anything else that's on TV these days. We are certainly as filthy as we need to be in order to compete," Baldwin said. "Television is really, really a dog eat dog, no holds barred racket and in order for us to survive we do have to get down and dirty, but no more so than anyone else."
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