New ABC drama 'A Million Little Things' reflects on love, loss people experience throughout life

LOS ANGELES -- Love, loss, grief, secrets and moving on with life are at the core of the new ABC drama series "A Million Little Things."

The first episode started us on a path of questions, answers, and then more questions - always wondering why one of the characters committed suicide.

"We don't know anything about why he did what he did, period," co-star Christina Moses said. "In real life, for example, we actually don't really know much of anything, things come and go, we're experiencing things, but most of the time, yes we have our habits but we're just dealing with life as it is."

As characters question how any of us really know our loved ones, they are also dealing with major issues: infidelity, cancer and depression.

"And addiction. That's something that really drew me to the project," co-star Stephanie Szostak said. "Real life issues we all deal with, and it's very relatable and I think there's something for everyone. People will relate to these characters because of all of that."

Actress Grace Park said what got her with these stories was exploring the thought of people not fully living their lives.

"I don't know about you all ,I feel like I'm nowhere near doing that. And so I think maybe if I play these characters maybe I'll be able to live the life I need to live," Park said, with a laugh. "But really that theme was very important for me."

The toughest part for this cast is keeping their storylines a secret until they unfold on the screen. One thing they promise: lots of emotions.

"It's going to make you laugh and it is going to make you cry," Allison Miller said. "And I know that because I'm my own harshest critic and if I can watch the show and laugh and cry I know other people will."

"A Million Little Things" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. here on ABC7.