Actor Seth Green adds directing to his list of credits with new movie 'Changeland'

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If you look at Seth Green's resume, you see 35 years worth of roles in movies and on TV. From "Radio Days" to the "Austin Powers" franchise; the television version of "Buffy the Vampire" to voicing roles in "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken."

Green's latest role: Directing his first feature film. He also wrote it...and he's the star.

"I just collected some of my closest friends and people I knew I could depend on to play these characters," said Green. "That was what was most critical."

Green gathered performers who could knock scenes out in a couple of takes. And 24 days later, shooting on his feature film, "Changeland," was done.

The film is about a guy who discovers his wife has been cheating on him. So he invites his best friend, played by his longtime friend Breckin Meyer, to join him on a vacation to Thailand he planned to take with his wife.

"I wrote the part for Breckin. I know that we have fantastic on-screen chemistry and because of the story I wanted to tell, which is essentially about friendship and love and relationships and forgiveness and your own responsibility for curating the life that you want to live," said Green. "I couldn't imagine a better co-star than Breckin."

"Changeland" is inspired by a real life trip Green took with another friend.

"I wanted this to do what I love movies to do--which is to transport an audience to a place where they've never been, that they may want to go to and to make them feel something familiar--give them sort of a cinematic vacation," said Green.

"Changeland" is in theaters June 7th, and is also available on demand.
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