Fashion District business owners raise concern over trash piling up as LA increases fines for illegal dumping

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Thursday, October 24, 2019
Fashion District business owners raise concern over trash piling up
Business owners in the Fashion District say they have been calling the city to clean up trash piling up, with some saying they're losing customers.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is threatening to take swift action over trash that has been piling up in the city.

Businesses in the Fashion District have been calling the city to clean it up, with some owners saying they're losing customers.

"They say we'll put you on a list to have to clean up, they come a week later, and then it's back - the trash, the homeless - it's back the next day," said fashion designer Meghan Fabulous.

She says besides the trash, homeless camps are also an issue. She recorded a video of a homeless person throwing something at her as she drove by.

Others worry about the health conditions.

"Next to my car they are pooping everywhere, peeing everywhere," said Michael Zianti.

While the homeless get most of the attention, city leaders say the real problem is local businesses dumping trash on streets, and now the city is increasing fines dramatically to deal with it.

"The changes include higher fines, they have been increased by 300% for your first violation and you'll pay 150% more in fines for any other subsequent violations as well," Garcetti said.

Still, some feel the city needs to do more about the homeless camps.

"Everybody understands this," Steve Dunlap said. "There's mental health issues, there's substance abuse problems. We get that. But what we want to say to the politicians is there's got to be some balance."