Fake delivery? Authorities issue new warning about scammers posing as delivery workers

"Good Morning America" breaks down the new warning and tells you how you can protect yourself.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Authorities issue warning about scammers posing as delivery workers
Authorities are issuing a warning about scammer posing as food delivery workers to break into homes.

Authorities are issuing a warning about scammers posing as food delivery workers to break into homes.

One of the most recent incidents happened in Texas, where a group of four men wearing hoodies all tried to get into a home from the backyard, all while the homeowner's sister-in-law slept inside with her nephew.

Video obtained by the KTRK, the ABC station in Houston, shows a woman knocking on the front door of a home.

Authorities said she announced herself as DoorDash and lingered outside from 1:20 a.m. until 2 a.m. while four men got into the backyard and tried to gain entry into the home.

"I heard a noise, it sounded like metal clinking," said the sister-in-law, who confirmed she did not order any food. "I woke up because of that noise."

She told reporters in Houston she did not open the door and fortunately, the men weren't able to get in.

"Whoever those people are, they've taken our peace, our sense of security," said the woman.

In California, surveillance video captured a man approaching a home, appearing to make an Amazon delivery. He was seen wearing a vest with a package in his hand. The man knocked but no one answered the door. Then, three alleged accomplices ran from a nearby car and used a crowbar to break in, stealing jewelry and other valuables.

"It's been hard," said the victim. "Even a single little sound. I wonder, 'Oh, are they back?'"

The crew allegedly repeated the actions in other neighborhoods.

"They literally looked like an Amazon driver," said the victim. "I think about the community, elderly people, people who just aren't thinking about it and innocently open the door."

Amazon confirmed the individuals in the incident are not delivery partners and told GMA they are impersonators committing crimes against members of the community.

DoorDash reiterated the same message, saying it will assist law enforcement to ensure bad actors are held accountable.

Amazon said a driver will never ask to come into your home unless you pre-arranged help for something heavy. Meanwhile, DoorDash said you can always check the app to see when your driver is approaching in real time.