Large fire at LA County social services building destroys top floor before crews put it out

ByIrene Cruz and staff KABC logo
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Large fire destroys top floor of LA County social services building
An LA County social services building caught on fire early Wednesday morning, with at least the top floor totally engulfed in flames.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A large fire destroyed the top floor of a Los Angeles County building before crews were able to put out the early morning blaze.

Video showed flames coming out of the roof of the six story commercial structure Wednesday morning as more than 160 firefighters entered the fifth floor using a ladder to extinguish the fire that began around 4 a.m.

Two firefighters were treated on the scene for respiratory complaints following smoke inhalation, but were not transported to a hospital.

No injuries to civilians have been reported, and crews did not find anyone inside.

An LA County social services building is on fire, with at least the top floor totally engulfed in flames.

The building is a social services building located on intersection of Adams Boulevard and Grand Avenue.

The building is a pre-1960 concrete structure, which is a building that tends to have limited fire protections.

But because the building was concrete, it helped crews contain the fire to the top floor as well.

"It's a concrete building, so it does keep everything contained on the floor," said Jacob Raabe, a captain for the LAFD. "Which makes everything really hot though so it will travel laterally."

It appears the fire started on the front side of the building, Raabe said, and then spread all the way to the back side of the building on the sixth floor.

Even with the fire put out, the scene will be active for several more hours.