Hottest trends found at IDEA World Fitness Convention

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Hottest trends found at IDEA World Fitness Convention
More than 12,000 global fitness professionals met in Los Angeles for the Idea World Convention to discover what's trending.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- They're off and running at the IDEA World Fitness Convention held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

More than 12,000 global instructors, personal trainers and health professionals gathered Saturday for education and updates on what's hot in health right now.

Loads of new and innovative tools could be found, along with some tried and true tools that got a little tweaking.

"Sandbags you see them in every shape every size. And here's a steel bag, so there's no dusty residue," said trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Sand is effective, but gritty. It's even gone to the ropes.

"It's weighted. It's 30 lbs. And it's short, so I don't need the monster length of the gym to do this," Peterson said of the new sand rope.

Fitness visionary and spinning creator Johnny G is at it again, hoping In-Trinity is the next big thing.

"Now this isn't yoga, Pilates, martial arts, it's a blend of everything," said Johnny G.

It's meditation meets yoga, core and strength conditioning.

The IDEA summer games prove the love of high intensity fitness.

TRX suspension training looks to fusion workouts, including yoga flow and training for kids, even seniors.

Fit pro Peter Twist suggests plyometrics, explosive starts and stops are great for strength and power for our youth, but they're also senior friendly to remain injury free.

Whether you're low fit, super fit, even desk jockeys alike, if you don't want to get old, you need foam roller training. Because experts say it's all about protecting the fascia.

"Sitting at a desk, sleeping at night, repetitive motion will keep your fascia bound together. It literally sticks together. Sticks to your bones, sticks to your muscles," said Amanda Johnson of Trigger Point Performance.

Finally, when it comes to fitness fashion, crazy colors and patterns rock.

For those wanting to experience the fun first hand, the IDEA World Expo Hall is open on Saturday and Sunday.