'Fleishman is in Trouble' is drama-filled satire on modern marriage, dating

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Thursday, November 17, 2022
'Fleishman is in Trouble' is Hulu's newest dramedy
'Fleishman is in Trouble' is Hulu's newest satirical drama about dating and marriage in the 21st century. Sandy Kenyon has more.

A new FX series takes a look at what it's like to be recently divorced in Manhattan at a time when dating apps are popular.

A 41-year-old doctor has plenty of new opportunities, but the title of this series, "Fleishman is in Trouble," suggests that all will not go well for him.

Doctor Toby Fleishman, played by Jesse Eisenberg, doesn't seem to be in too much trouble being separated from his wife, Rachel, played by Clare Danes. All is seemingly fine until she drops their kids off at his apartment and then disappears.

The series is narrated by Lizzy Caplan, the doctor's friend from college. Even still, the story is told in Fleishman's perspective, which is likely not favorable to Danes' character, the estranged wife, in the show.

Stars Eisenberg and Danes recently attended a premiere of the show at Carnegie Hall.

"You know it's he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, and at the very end you get the she said," Danes said.

In Hollywood, the story is categorized as a dramedy, with a healthy dose of satire thrown in.

"It just kind of you know reaffirmed something that I try to remember which is that you know, all relationships and all parties are responsible for anything that is you know fraught or not working," Eisenberg said.

Writer and Executive Producer Taffy Brodesser-Anker wrote about what she knew, first in a novel and then in the FX show based on her book. The result is a reflection on marriage in all of its complexity.

"I have a lot of fun at everyone's expense because ya know? When you realize one day that you'll never be as wealthy as they are, all you have left is your satire," Brodesser-Anker said.

Danes can relate to some of the marriage tropes. She has been married to actor Hugh Dancy since 2009 and the pair have two sons together.

The first two episodes of "Fleishman is in Trouble" are streaming on Hulu, owned by the same parent company as this station.