HYUN is the only upscale Korean BBQ restaurant in NYC specializing in A5 Wagyu beef

ByYsenia Carrizales Localish logo
Monday, January 6, 2020
Japan's best steak flown in and dished out at new NYC restaurant
HYUN is the only upscale Korean BBQ restaurant in New York that specializes in Japanese A5 Wagyu, the best quality of the beef.

NEW YORK CITY -- HYUN is the newest Korean barbecue restaurant on East 33rd Street that provides a luxurious dining experience spotlighting Japanese A5 Wagyu that is flown in the form of whole cattle from Japan and butchered in-house!

The restaurant, which showcases a main dining space and enclosed private dining spaces for a completely immersive dinner in the back, was crafted by business entrepreneur and restaurateur Jae Kim and is helmed by Director Euikyu Bang (previously of Michelin-recognized New Wonjo), who oversees the team of chefs in the kitchen and the servers for a flawless dining experience.

To start guests are assigned a personal server and the menu commences with an array of shareable Korean dishes such as the Kimchi Biji-Jeon, a soybean curd residue-based pancake, which is made with less gluten than most other pancakes, and stuffed with kimchi that is hand-cut by your server at the table.

After the shareable dishes, the main event begins with the grilling when the server places a cube of Wagyu fat, rosemary, and garlic on a traditional Korean cast iron pan on an electric induction grill, which creates less smoke than gas and enriches the flavor of the wagyu.

At the restaurant, they offer over thirty different cuts of Wagyu as well as special cuts, which change daily and are limited in quantity. The cuts are prepared at the table and include options like chuck flap tail, the prized cut with stunning marbling and the Wagyu roll, stuffed with perilla leaf and chive, and served with mustard and soy sauce. The cuts are complemented by different house-made salts like the Pinot Noir salt.

"I want our guests to taste the real flavor of Wagyu beef. There's so much flavor," said General Manager Euikyu Bang.

HYUN is a meat lover's dream! Their beef melts in your mouth, no matter what cut you're served. Other cuts offered include marinated short rib, hanger, skirt, flatiron, and striploin.

"These are the most popular rib-eye cuts in a rib loin. It's like next level," said Bang.

And even though HYUN is known for their beef, they also have a signature menu featuring items just as delicious. From a Wagyu Tartare to a Sot Bap, the whole dining experience is unforgettable.

"I want them to have their own story, which is good. They can have the best flavor Wagyu beef, so they should come here to try it," said Bang.