Food stylist gives tips on making meals look picture perfect

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Food stylist gives tips on making meals look picture perfect
Home chefs to food bloggers, making a plate look picture perfect helps us enjoy our food more and "eat with our eyes."

Seasoned chef, author and food stylist Denise Vivaldo sees a big social upswing in food photography, which is why she wrote "The Food Stylists Handbook."

"We've always been there making food look better for the camera," said Vivaldo.

This one's actually a second edition -- she wrote the original 10 years ago. But now she has a new audience, as bloggers, influencers and stylists need help to make the picture-perfect plate.

She and colleague Cindie Flannigan add crazy ingredients to make food camera ready.

Tricks like cotton balls in omelettes to keep them looking fluffy, making faux coffee out of soy sauce topped with soap foam and spraying oil or even vodka on food to preserve its looks when a plate needs to sit under hot camera lights for hours.

Even if you're not a food blogger or stylist you might want to take a peek at this book because it will show you how to make food look good.

Watch for sales. The plates used for this story are actually plastic which she bought along with some inexpensive place mats.

"Looking at the plate as more than just a plate," said Vivaldo.

Try serving food on a cutting board or get creative using a bright napkin.

"You have to think about color. You're just waiting for the parsley or the tomato or something to come into recipes if your food is brown," said Vivaldo.

Since we eat with our eyes make your plate look like a work of art.

For those eating smaller portions, a tiny egg omelette can be put on a double plate with a smattering of fruit or herbs.

Finally, for dessert, dip a glass rim in water then in flavored sugar to make a molten chocolate treat. Depending on the season, decorate with candy canes or candy corn to finish the dish.