Silver Lake mini-mart aims to offer healthy convenience

These days a lot of mini-marts are adding healthier products to their shelves, but at one convenience store, everything is a healthier upgrade.

Kendra Woo visited The Goods Mart in Silver Lake twice in one week. It's a bodega, of sorts ,dreamed up by Rachel Krupa, who wants to revamp the traditional mini-mart.

"Kind of changing up convenience stores, making them healthy. Bringing everything that has no artificial colors, preservatives, flavoring, no nitrates, antibodies," said Krupa.

She grew up in a small town in Michigan and liked the quick shopping at the local gas station.

"It was milk, eggs, cheese and, you know, always toss in a candy bar," Krupa said.

Her knowledge of natural products got her thinking others might feel the same, posing this question: "Why do you have to choose one or the other? Convenience over better-for-you options?" questioned Krupa.

The produce is local and cosmetically challenged to provide health at a lower price point. She works with local chefs and restaurants to stock grab-and-go options that are healthy in a hurry. She has inexpensive coffee options as well.

You can still have your treats but they're just not always known by the same name.

"If you like more of the Oreo type, we have Newmans Own. If you like Cheetos, we have Barbara's Cheese Puffs. We have everything you would love but it's just upgraded. It's cleaner products," Krupa said.

Her taste testers were 8 and 10-year-olds.

"They're the first ones to say if something is gross, especially when it comes to candy. They gave me the two thumbs up," said Krupa.

The Silver Lake location is the first The Goods Mart, but Krupa plans to open another by the end of the year and hopefully take the concept nationwide.
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