Chicago suburb celebrates Halloween with annual casket race for 'dead last'

ByJustyna Syska Localish logo
Friday, October 28, 2022
Casket racing: the race for 'dead last'
Forest Park celebrates Halloween like nowhere else - with an annual casket race.

FOREST PARK, Ill. -- "Forest Park is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween," said Laurie Korkenes, Executive Director of the Forest Park Chamber of Commerce.

And the village in suburban Chicago celebrates it each year with casket racing!

Donned the "Village of Cemeteries" for having 50 times more folks interred in its cemeteries than residents living above ground, Forest Park hosts this annual competition to bring builders, racers and the community together.

Teams are tasked with creating unique "casket" box cars and race to win trophies created specifically by artists from the Forest Park Arts Alliance. And even if you don't place first in the race, you can still get a trophy for coming in "dead last" and for the funniest caskets and creepiest caskets.

The event draws residents and spectators from all ages and seeks to truly make Halloween come to life in the community.