3-D murals take you around the world

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
3-D murals take you around the world
This mural artist has created a hidden gem you can enjoy from your commute - 3-D works of art that make you feel like you're traveling the world!

ALIEF, Texas -- Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, but you can see dozens of different cultures in just a few blocks when you visit Alief.

The International Management District commissioned well-known artist Armando Castelan to create 22 3-D globe murals.

Each one is painted on a two-ton concrete globe in the area. The district worked with Alief ISD to find countries and communities represented in the schools, and Castelan created dozens of murals including India, Vietnam, the Middle East and Texas.

Castelan said, When people see these globes, I hope they see first of all theyre in an area that supports the arts, theyre in an area that supports diversity. And if theyve never been to an art gallery, now they have some artwork right there to enjoy.

You can see more of Castelans artwork on his website or Instagram.

And you can see a map of the globe locations on Houston Mural Map.