LA businessman donates $40,000 worth of suits, clothes to Goodwill of Southern California to help others dress the part while job-hunting

LA merchant teams up with Goodwill of Southern California and donates suits for local job hunters

Friday, August 28, 2020
Business owner donates suits to job-seekers
An LA business owner donates $40,000 worth of suits, clothes to Goodwill of Southern California to help others dress the part while job-hunting.

DOWNTOWN L.A. (KABC) -- A local store owner wanted to donate some of the suits from his shop to help others who might need them for job interviews. Hamid Vaghar reached out to Eyewitness News and we set him up with Goodwill of Southern California.

"Some business suits that can be used for an interview or a new job," said Vaghar.

Giovanni Testi clothing stores specialize in suits and party garments. They had to close 5 of their 9 stores due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We had a lot of extra merchandise that we don't even have a place to store it anymore so we decided we would just put it in boxes and we are donating it to Goodwill and hopefully they're going to find a good place to go and help other people at this point of time," said Vaghar.

Now they're donating 22 boxes of merchandise worth about $40,000 to Goodwill of Southern California, hoping to help someone impacted by covid 19 find a job.

"All kinds of beautiful items that you know people need right now, people are looking for work and even if it is a virtual interview they can come into our stores and be able to find these beautiful garments that they can use," said Stephanie Medina, Director of Community Relations, Goodwill Southern California.

Fernanda Pinheiro who designs the clothes is happy the merchandise they don't have room for is going to a good cause.

"We decide to donate it and help others and I was very impressed with the store behind goodwill and I think everyone should google learn about more and is very impressed and beautiful and amazing what they do," said Pinheiro.

Goodwill plans to resell the clothing in their stores for a discounted price. The proceeds will help fund their employment programs across Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties

"I'm feeling like I'm having an opportunity to help some other people maybe get a job or goodwill can sell the merchandise and make money to help others so for sure that makes us feel good," said Vaghar.