Renowned local illustrator Monica Ahanonu behind Google Doodle of civil rights poet Audre Lorde for Black History Month

Los Angeles illustrator Monica Ahanonu said when she first read Audre Lorde's poems, it inspired her to be more bold and brave in the face of fear.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- World renowned American poet and activist Audre Lorde was born Feb. 18, 1934.

Upon her death in 1992, she left behind a body of work speaking to the struggles of people of color, women and gays and lesbians like herself.

Freelance illustrator Monica Ahanonu, who lives in Los Angeles, says when she first read Lorde's poems, it inspired her to be more bold and brave in the face of fear.

Ahanonu was honored to be chosen by Google to do a "Doodle" dedicated to Lorde. As an Illustrator, Ahanonu has a unique artist style that has landed her on the cover of news magazines across the country.

Her body of work includes many of the world's most inspiring women: Rosa Parks, Diana Ross, Beyonce, and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg to name a few. She's become enthralled putting her artistic talent to work on her Lorde project.

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"I've drawn her before in the past for other smaller projects," said Ahanonu. "So it's mostly been recently that I got to study her."

She says the poet's work has inspired a vast audience.

"Different areas that she fought for, people in those areas were encouraged by her," said Ahanonu.

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