A terrifying transformation in honor of 'Goosebumps'

ABC7's Tony Cabrera gets Slap Happy

ByPatrick Stinson OTRC logo
Thursday, October 12, 2023
A ghastly 'Goosebumps' transformation in the ABC family
ABC7's Tony Cabrera undergoes a 'Goosebumps' makeover

LOS ANGELES -- Weird stuff is happening once again in the "Goosebumps" world and it's spreading to the ABC7 Morning News Team.

The new "Goosebumps" series is a fresh take on the beloved R. L. Stine novels which first came out in the 90's. The new 10-part series takes viewers on a humor and horror filled journey, complete with all the jump scares you can handle.

Diehard "Goosebumps" fans will be happy to hear that Slappy the Dummy is also back and up to his old tricks.

In honor of the pint-sized villain, ABC7's Tony Cabrera underwent a 3 hour makeup transformation. "Goosebumps" Makeup Designer Zabrina Matiru took Tony from dashing and dapper to downright demented. For his part, Tony was all in! After the look was complete, Slappy-Tony set out to scare as many people as possible! No one in the building was safe.

Tony says the whole makeover was pretty easy. "It was so light on my face. You know when you put on a makeup mask at night, and it just kind of pulls you skin, it was a little uncomfortable like that."

An extended version of the transformation is posted on the On The Red Carpet" YouTube page.

"Goosebumps" premieres Friday, October 13th on Disney+ and Hulu, with the first five episodes dropping as part of Disney+'s "Hallowstream" and Hulu's "Huluween" celebrations. New episodes streaming weekly on Fridays.