New movie 'Hard Luck Love Song' inspired by real lyrics of country music song

HOLLYWOOD -- The new movie "Hard Luck Love Song" was created from a country song titled "Just Like Old Times." It's about a talented but troubled singer-songwriter who keeps making bad decisions.

Michael Dorman and Sophia Bush star in the film.

"I think 'Hard Luck Love Song', for me, what drew me to it was, you know, the essence or a makings of an artist that's brave enough to stand naked," said Dorman. "Someone barefoot, one instrument, singing raw and then can still hold an audience, that's what drew me to it."

"I love character stories that are honest and that let people attempt to convince the people they love that they're not in pain when they are and then get honest about it," said Bush. "I really respond to stories that something in me feel seen and I think will make other people feel seen when they witness what's happening on screen."

"Hard Luck Love Song" is rated R. It's in theaters Friday, Oct. 15.

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