Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with these magical drinks

Calling all Potterheads! It's time to make a toast to the famous wizard in celebration of his 40th birthday.
LOS ANGELES -- Harry Potter fans around the world are celebrating the wizard's 40th birthday.

Of course we are referring to the character and not actor Daniel Radcliffe, who just turned 31. According to the famed books and movies, Harry was born to wizarding parents James and Lily on July 31, 1980.

In celebration of the wizard's big birthday, On The Red Carpet caught up with some Potterheads outside of Nimbus Coffee, an urban, wizard-themed coffee shop in downtown Los Angeles.

"It was just an escape from my childhood that I could go to," customer Alondra Ramirez said of the fantasy series.

Mother and daughter Shawn and Eviana Farrar opened their shop in June 2019, hoping to create a space that would transport customers out of the ordinary. In addition to wizard-themed decor, the owners serve carefully crafted elixirs and baked goods.

Like so many small businesses, this Black-owned coffeehouse shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic for two and a half months before reopening again in June.

"Of course we had to retrofit our store to keep the employees safe and keep customers safe," co-owner Eviana said of their reopening.

However, it's not just Harry Potter fans coming out to support this family-owned business, but fans of pop sensation Ariana Grande too. The songstress posted a picture of her drink from Nimbus Coffee on her Instagram story, bringing a lot of attention to the wizard-themed café.

"We really, really want to give her a special thanks for that," Shawn said.

Nimbus Coffee
1115 S Hope St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 441-7309
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