Cal State Northridge student stuck in Chinese village for 3 weeks amid coronavirus outbreak

CHINA (KABC) -- A Cal State Northridge student has been stuck in a remote village in China for three weeks as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country.

Los Feliz resident Nancy Krank has been monitoring the situation helplessly as her son, Samson, is stranded.

"My heart sunk. You never think this is going to happen to anyone, especially not your child," she said.

The virus hasn't reached the village that he's in but unlike other CSUN students who were evacuated, Samson can't leave due a travel ban put in place for the area.

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When he couldn't travel back to the U.S., the school dropped his travel insurance.

Krank tried to get the school to change its mind, and it seemed hopeless, until CSUN reversed the decision and extended his insurance - a weight off Krank's shoulders.

"I have to say thank you CSUN for doing the right thing. It's just incredible. As a mom... this is huge and I appreciate that they did the right thing," she said.

It's not clear when he will get to return to the U.S.

The future of the study abroad program, which was supposed to run through mid-July, is also uncertain.
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