Eyewitness This: Vapes spiked with illegal drugs add fuel to dangerous CBD craze

A new investigation has found some stores selling cannabidiol, one of many chemicals found in cannabis, are actually substituting natural CBD for cheap and powerful street drugs.

As part of an Associated Press investigation, a reporter in Los Angeles bought five vape cartridges or pods advertised as smokable CBD, the suddenly popular compound extracted from the cannabis plant that marketers say can treat a range of ailments without getting users high. But laboratory testing revealed two of them contained synthetic marijuana.

Spiking CBD vapes with street drugs has sent dozens of people to emergency rooms nationwide. Yet people behind spiked products have operated with impunity, in part because the business has boomed so fast that regulators haven't caught up while drug enforcement agents have higher priorities.

Vaping is now being blamed for at least six deaths across the U.S., including in California.

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The Associated Press contributed to this story.
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