How to save money: Easy ways to cut energy bills during coronavirus stay-at-home orders

During stay-at-home orders coupled with a heat wave, there's an increase of home power bills. Consumer Reports shares ways to make an impact on your utility bills.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Tips to cut energy bills amid coronavirus stay-at-home orders
MONEY SAVING TIPS: Here are some easy ways to cut energy costs as people continue to stay home during the pandemic, which means an increased usage of air conditioning, stoves and water.

With so many people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, many are seeing higher utility bills. Consumer Reports says there are things you can do to keep costs down - starting with the kitchen.

Make sure your pots match the stove burner size.

"For example if you use a 6-inch pan on an 8-inch burner, that will waste about 40% of the heat that that burner is generating, so that's a lot of energy that's being wasted," said Daniel Wroclawski, a home and appliances reporter with Consumer Reports.

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Make sure leftovers are cool before they go in the fridge.

"When you put hot food in a refrigerator, it has to work a lot harder to cool off that food," said Wroclawski.

Using a dishwasher saves more water than washing by hand.

Also, what time you use your appliances may make a difference.

"Check with your electric company and see if they offer lower rates at night, a lot of utilities do," said Wroclawski.

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Consumer Reports says in the laundry room, use the highest spin speed possible on your washer.

"That will get as much moisture out of your clothes as possible and makes it easier for you dryer to dry your clothes," said Wroclawski.

Clean your dryer lint screen before every use. Check your toilets and any faucets. Make sure to repair any leaks to save on water.

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Other savings: "It's critical you change the filters in your appliance because if you don't, it makes them work harder and can lead to them breaking down," said Wroclawski.

Now that it's getting warmer and you may be using your AC, Consumer Reports recommends setting your thermostat to around 75 or 76 degrees. Just a few degrees difference will save a lot of energy and money on your electric bill.

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