How to make DIY hygiene kits to help the homeless

SELAH and Resisterhood LA are making it easier for people at home to volunteer their time by creating hygiene kits for the homeless.
Two local non-profits, SELAH and Resisterhood LA, have launched a program that allows volunteers at home to build hygiene kits for the homeless.

"Folks will be able to sign up on our website to come to our no-contact drive thru to pick up the supplies," said Mary Kenney, who is the Executive Director of Resisterhood LA. So, if you've been self-isolating, you can take the supplies home, build 25 to 50 kits, and then return them to us and we'll connect with a homeless service partner who will distribute the kits," said Kenny.

Aside from hygiene kits, SELAH and Resisterhood LA also offer showers, hot meals, clothing donations and more to the homeless.

"This pandemic has really shown us how public health, the health of the most vulnerable people in our communities is as important as the healthiest person in our community," Kenny said.

When it comes to the hygiene kits, the goal is to make 2,000 of them per month.

"The support we've received from the community is overwhelming. And our hearts are just so filled with happiness because so many people have reached out to us wanting to help," said SELAH Chair Cat Kim.

The kits will be given to homeless service providers who will distribute them to organizations like Safe Parking LA, Shower of Hope and My Friend's Place in Hollywood.

"We've also asked families to write notes of encouragement, which is something we include in all of our kits. And it's something really special and creative. We've already collected so many really cool notes of encouragement," Kenny said.

Each kit costs about $5, so if you don't want to build them or you're not super crafty, they're accepting donations online as well.

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