Impulsive, curious, and mischievous, Groot is back in 'I Am Groot' season 2

The little guy is back in action for season 2 of 'I Am Groot,' premiering today on Disney+.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Groot is back in a new season of 'I Am Groot'
Catch Groot in a new season of "I Am Groot," premiering today on Disney+.

LOS ANGELES -- Recently, On The Red Carpet had the chance to speak with Kirsten Lepore, director of "I Am Groot" about Groot's success and the process of developing a show with a character who says so little through dialogue, yet so much with action.

"Working with a character where he doesn't even have to talk, it's all kind of through action, music, sound, some slapstick... emoting and facial expressions, that's my comfort zone. That's where I love playing," Lepore explained.

With a four-year-old at home Lepore explains that Groot is heavily inspired by what she sees as a mom to a little one. Groot "speaks to our inner children, where he's very impulsive and curious and mischievous, but also has a good heart."

Even though Groot only says his singular line, "I am Groot," the little tree really has nuanced ways of delivering his remarks, thanks to the talented Vin Diesel.

"He'll do the efforts and the grunts and everything. Even in the script, we have what Groot is actually saying in there, so you kind of get that through the inflection of the read," Lepore said of Vin Diesel's acting.

Groot is an "every tree" (as opposed to an every man), that everyone can relate to, and the "possibilities are limitless" when it comes to developing his story further.

Season 2 of "I Am Groot" premieres today on Disney+.

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