Jobs in California: Indeed reports 1,000% search increase for telehealth nurse jobs, 600% for work-from-home jobs

Indeed has seen a 1,000% search increase for telehealth nurse jobs and almost a 600% growth in working-from-home jobs in a six-week period.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Indeed reports 1,000% search increase for telehealth nurse jobs
SOCAL JOB MARKET: Job site Indeed has seen a 1,000% search increase for telehealth nurse jobs and almost a 600% growth in working-from-home jobs in a six-week period.

As part of our ABC7 Solutions: SoCal Jobs campaign, we're talking to experts to provide resources to help those searching for employment in this difficult time.

Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of Global Human Resources with Indeed joined ABC7 via Skype to discuss the current job market.

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Which areas have been the most popular in searches on Indeed?

"In a six-week period we saw the term search for "telehealth nurse" grow by over 1,000% on Indeed, which is not surprising. We've also seen "working from home" or WFH, which is an abbreviation for working from home, grow by almost 600% in that same six-week period. We've seen searches for "grocery store" and "jobs at grocery stores" rise through the month of March, but then we saw job seeker interest decline in recent weeks, and we think that's probably because people have found that there's some fierce competition for those jobs or roles they may not be interested in, but regardless the job seeker interest in grocery stores remains elevated," said Wolfe

How has the pandemic affected how people find work? And what advice and resources can you offer for those struggling to find a job?

"The first piece of advice is I'd encourage job seekers to be patient. It's a tough job market right now. There are a lot of people that have been impacted by COVID-19 and that are looking for work just like they are. One of the things we created is a list of COVID resources. So we've got a new page on our site, which lists companies that are hiring right now and that's updated every Monday. This week we've got companies like Taco Bell, Genentech, Walgreens, McDonald's, Wells Fargo, that are all actively posting jobs on our site. There's also a bunch of other resources on that page too that can help people whose jobs have been impacted or who may be searching during COVID-19 for a job," said Wolfe

We are looking to let people know about a "job of the day," but you have a "company of the day" to tell us about?

"The example we got for you today is Ralphs, which is a large grocery chain in Southern California. If people go to that, search for Ralphs on Indeed, they can see information about that company, what jobs are being hired, reviews from current and former employees on the site, and it gives them a lot of information to make a decision whether they're interested in searching for a job at Ralphs," said Wolfe. "Right now, I just pulled up a few minutes ago, there are 437 jobs open at Ralphs."

How do virtual hiring events work?

"Virtual hiring events, because of what's been going on the last several weeks, are becoming very popular. We have a new virtual events product that we've opened up to our clients and for job seekers. And it's simple: job seekers can sign up to attend one of the virtual interviews posted by employers that are looking to hire. Indeed provides the technology, we manage the RSVPs, the screening, the scheduling and reminders, so that all job seekers need to do is show up to their video interview," said Wolfe.

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