Jump Back Into Adventure with These Indiana Jones-Themed Items

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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Indy's back!

With the release of Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, there is no better time to get these fashionable, Indy-themed fits and gears for your loved ones. These costumes, memorabilia, and equipment will get you and your family in the right mood for Harrison Ford's emotional swan song as the titular whip-wielding archeologist. Get your Indy on today!

1. Indiana Jones Leather Jacket for Adults - $399

Step into Harrison Ford's shoes with the ultimate Indiana Jones item. The classic leather jacket is a must-have for dangerous archeological excavations and hip social gatherings.

Image credit: Disney

2. Indiana Jones 4-Pack Puzzle Set - $34.99

Do you know what an archeologist loves? A brain teaser. Get your thinking on and have family fun with this 4-pack, 500-piece-each jigsaw puzzle inspired by previous films of the fan-favorite franchise.

Image credit: Disney

3. LEGO's Temple Of The Golden Idol - $149.99

Indiana Jones loves his rolling boulder! Immerse yourself in building the Temple and help Indy escape the iconic death trap from Raiders of The Lost Ark, packed with four characters from the film and an interactive boulder.

Image credit: LEGO

4. LEGO's Escape From The Lost Tomb - $39.99

Looking for a bit more wallet-friendly Indiana Jones LEGO set? Look no further than this iconic recreation of Indy's escape from the Lost Tomb. It truly does belong in a museum.

Image credit: LEGO

5. Indiana Jones Temple Escape Action Figure - $39.99

Swipe the Idol! Help Indy retrieve the ultimate artifact with this accurate six-inch action figure with a detachable whip, pistol, golden idol, sandbag, and idol pedestal accessories.

Image credit: Disney

6. Indiana Jones Outback Hat - $60.99-$65.99

From escaping hot weather in archeological digs to making a fashion statement at family events, If this hat is good enough for Harrison Ford, it's good enough for you.

Image credit: Amazon

7. British MKVII Bag Adventure Satchel - $68

A staple of any professor's attire, this satchel can hold your tablet, smartphone, water bottle, and more: a chic fashion statement and a must-have for Indy fans.

Image credit: Amazon

8. Indiana Jones Mini Backpack with Coin Purse - $90

Make your friends remember the iconic adventure. The Indiana Jones backpack stylishly captures the timeless pop culture moments and even comes with a Golden Idol coin purse.

Image credit: Loungefly

9. Indiana Jones Tiki Mug - $49.99

Thirsty for some excavation action? This unique ceramic tiki mug captures Henry and Indiana Jones for all your beverage needs.

Image credit: Toynk Toys

10. Indiana Jones Funko Pop - $11.88

Take Indy on the go with this Funko Pop. It's a perfect trinket for the workplace or at home.

Image credit: Amazon

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