Local girl's artwork to be featured on juice packs nationwide

ByLeenika Belfield-Martin KABC logo
Monday, May 3, 2021
Local girl's artwork to be featured on juice packs nationwide
An Irvine 10-year-old won Juicy Juice's "Happy Artist" contest. Now she'll be able to see her artwork featured on juice packs across the country in 2022.

IRVINE,Calif (KABC) -- The pandemic has been a mood damper, especially to children. That's why Juicy Juice launched its "Happy Artist" art contest to encourage creativity in young artists by inviting them to draw what makes them 100% happy.

Claire C. of Irvine was just enjoying another Saturday morning of cartoons when her mother had suggested entering the contest.

While the deadline was that day, that didn't stop her from creating the drawing that would go on to win the first place prize in her age group. Now she will now be able to see her creation on juice packs across the country.

"When my mom saw me drawing everything, she was shocked. She even sent it to my dad who was also very surprised," the Irvine girl said.

Following the contest's rules, Claire chose to draw some of her favorite things that bring her joy like fruit and snakes. Her inspiration came spontaneously as she let her creativity run wild.

"It was all from my mind. My imagination is my happiness. And I love drawing to help me get out of my mind."

To other kids experiencing nearly a year into the pandemic, Claire said that drawing can be a good outlet for them to express themselves.

"Do what you love and don't ever try to force yourself. You should always be happy when you're drawing," the young artist said.

In addition to having her artwork featured on Juicy Juice packs, the 10-year-old will also receive a $500 gift card for art supplies. She plans on using her prize to enter another drawing contest that brings awareness to a topic she's passionate about.

"The next thing I'm going to do is enter an ocean awareness contest which is dedicated to helping improve the ocean environment," she said. "I'm very aware of the global warming problem, so I decided to enter."

Be on the look out for Claire's design on the Juicy Juice packages in early 2022!