'Star Wars' fan, 5, gets Stormtrooper-like prosthetic hand from Phoenix nonprofit

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Saturday, December 30, 2017
Young 'Star Wars' fan gets prosthetic Stormtrooper hand
The Force is with Jacob Taggart after an organization built him a custom Stormtrooper hand.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- While some people take them for granted, a little boy can't help being transfixed by his fingers.

Jacob Taggart was born with just a thumb and partial fingers on his right hand, but now has a pretty out-of-this-world prosthetic thanks to a non-profit foundation in Phoenix.

The More Foundation custom made a Stormtrooper hand as a holiday gift for the young 'Star Wars' fan, and it didn't cost his family a penny, KNXV reports.

The 5-year-old admits it's a little hard to grip a baseball bat, but he seemed pretty comfortably wielding a lightsaber after being fitted with the hand.

The boy's grandmother, Linda Taggert, said she hopes the new hand will help him to fit in with other children his age.

Marc Jacofsky from the More Foundation said oftentimes, insurance won't cover prosthetics for children because they outgrow them.

"It was the best give I've ever given," Jacofsky said.