Master percussionist James Henry fosters music appreciation through House of Samba Kids

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Monday, January 24, 2022
Feel the beat at House of Samba Kids
Master percussionist James Henry strengthens music appreciation among kids through Samba music.

CONCORD, Calif. -- Feel the beat of the drums during an educational workshop set to the sounds of Samba music.

House of Samba Kids is an interactive workshop that uses instruments and dance to capture the imagination and foster world music appreciation.

"My workshops consist of stimulation, motivation," explained master percussionist and creator of the program, James Henry. "Trusting yourself to realize that everything inside you is good, everything you do is good. That's what the channel of music is for me."

Powered by a strong musical background, Henry has traveled the world with his program and brings cultural wisdom from every area of the globe to children of all ages.

In fact, Henry's love of music began at a very young age.

"My dream was to play drums. I received a drum set, but it was made of cardboard. The only real drum set was at the church," he explained. "I got my opportunity to play and never turned back. I ended up at 7 years old touring Bay Area Gospel churches."

"Music is a universal language...and I think James recognizes this because of how much it has meant to him and his life," said ABC7 Anchor and musician Dan Ashley. "And I think James bringing that to kids is really important, because exposing kids to music, and exposing anyone to music, can bring great peace of mind and great happiness."

Expect to dance, sing, and be transported to many areas of the world through the sounds of drums and percussion!

For more information about House of Samba Kids, visit here.