California woman finds 22 half siblings through DNA testing site

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A California woman said her "missing piece has been found" after learning that she has 22 half siblings she never knew about until she took an at-home DNA test.

Jennifer Slayton told KERO-TV that she and her husband sent their DNA to 23 & Me last year. Slayton was raised by a man who is not her biological father and had thus far been unable to identify her biological father.

"I went ahead and we did it -- we spit in the tube, we sent it off. Then I get it back and I'm actually headed out to a camping trip with my mom and my kids and I have five close relative matches," Slayton told KERO.

Slayton received a phone call before she returned home from her trip: "Evan called me, one of my half brothers, and I was on the trip with my mom. I said, 'How many of us are there?' and he said, 'Well you are number 21.' [...] They knew who the donor was and they've met him and I've actually now met him now as well."

Slayton said she knew Evan was telling the truth because his DNA matched up with hers on Soon after their phone call, she was invited to the half siblings' Facebook group and spent the next two months meeting her newfound relatives.

"They're amazing. I went and met them for the first time and I was really nervous. I walked in and it was like meeting versions of myself," she explained. "All of these people have so much in common with me and they are nice obviously and they are friendly. We have a lot of the same interests and the same mannerisms. We all talk with our hands a lot."

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