Joey King, Logan Lerman talk new show, 'We Were The Lucky Ones'

The Hulu series tells the true story of a family ripped apart during the Holocaust.

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Thursday, March 28, 2024
Joey King, Logan Lerman talk new show, 'We Were The Lucky Ones'
Hulu's 'We Were The Lucky Ones,' starring Joey King and Logan Lerman, shows the harrowing journey of a family torn apart during the Holocaust.

LOS ANGELES -- Family. War. Faith. Hope. Survival. All of that and more is portrayed in the new Hulu series, "We Were The Lucky Ones."

It's the story of a Polish Jewish family ripped apart during the Holocaust. They find themselves scattered around the world in some precarious situations and we see their journey to find their way back to each other.

"I've gotten the absolute privilege and opportunity to play so many different kinds of people but I've never gotten to tell a story that is about this subject matter necessarily," Joey King told On The Red Carpet. "I'm a Jewish woman and I'm playing a Jewish woman and it was a really special feeling."

"We just really connected in a genuine wholehearted way and it set the foundation for the show," Logan Lerman said. "It set us on our individual journeys as characters as actors portraying these real people with such a foundation and great love for each other."

"We Were The Lucky Ones" is based on real-life events chronicled in the book of the same name, written by Georgia Hunter about her own family. Seeing their story play out has been surreal.

"I spent so long imagining what life was like for my grandfather and for his siblings and how they survived and the paths that they took. And to see it visually come to life and through the performances of our unbelievable cast who all took their roles so seriously," Hunter revealed. "It's been a very emotional and overwhelming experience. I've cried a lot, I laughed a lot and mostly right now I just feel so proud of what we've made."

The cast said they felt the responsibility to do the story justice and that being a part of telling their stories has changed them as actors and in life.

"The writing of the show is so deep and sad and beautiful and to portray these characters felt very, very special," said Amit Rahav.

"It felt like a labor of love in the truest sense of what that means. The attention to detail, the investment of every department in terms of the writing," Henry Lloyd-Hughes said. "It's a dream to have that in any job."

"I feel like I live fuller from the experience of doing that show," Sam Woolf admitted. "Find the light - find the light in the dark. It was very emotional."

The first three episodes of "We Were The Lucky Ones" premiere Thursday on Hulu.

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