Gov. Newsom says vaccinated California workers won't have to wear masks after June 17

On Monday, Newsom said the state will, "We'll be consistent with the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's) guidelines."
FRESNO, Calif. -- Gov. Gavin Newsom says California workers will soon be able to stop wearing masks.

On Monday, Newsom said the state will, "We'll be consistent with the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's) guidelines."

Those guidelines would allow vaccinated workers to stop wearing masks and would end social distancing. Those not vaccinated will still have to wear masks when working indoors or in vehicles.

Cal/OSHA would need to formally adopt those rules at their next meeting on June 17. After that, Newsom says he will sign an executive order that will allow those rules to go into effect immediately, avoiding the usual 10-day administrative law review that would have pushed back the effective date to June 28.

"We'll codify that with an executive order to make that clear on the 17th, so that should clear up any ambiguity if they take the action that was highlighted on Friday," Newsom said.

California officially reopens its economy on June 15. Businesses in the state have functioned under some form of pandemic restrictions for over a year, from mask-wearing, social distancing rules and capacity limits.

There is still confusion when it comes to what businesses and their employees must do in the workplace. We've broke down what companies can expect to change starting Tuesday and what rules will remain:

Masking guidelines

On Tuesday, mask guidelines across California will loosen for those who are fully vaccinated.

In accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, fully vaccinated Californians will be able to ditch their face coverings while outdoors and in most indoor settings, including grocery shopping, drinking at a bar, and going to the gym.

But for now, until Cal/OSHA decides whether they will formally adopt the new rules, that won't include in the workplace for the next two days. Employees, whether vaccinated or not, will still have to wear face masks.

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In the meantime, Fresno County Department of Public Health interim officer Dr. Rais Vohra says, "If you are held to rules and regulations through OSHA, you really need to look at OSHA's rules."

Good-bye capacity limits and physical distancing

On Tuesday, businesses can drop social distancing rules and capacity limits as California expires its color-coded reopening tiered system starting at 12:00 am.

Restaurants, bars, gyms and even more industries that were hard hit by the pandemic will be able to fill their spaces with customers once again.

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Mega-events like sports games and big concerts are the only events with COVID-19 restrictions still in place after June 15.

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