'Knives Out' a sharp, funny whodunit starring Daniel Crag, Chris Evans

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Friday, November 29, 2019
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The new whodunit "Knives Out" starring Daniel Craig and Chris Evans is a twisty roller coaster with comic turns.

There is a new "whodunit" in theaters this holiday weekend called "Knives Out." It involves the mysterious death of the patriarch of a very wealthy family.

Was it an accident? Or murder? And will you be able to figure out? The stars couldn't.

Daniel Craig, who plays the private detective trying to solve the case, said, "I'm a clever dick in movies so I always think I could figure it."

His co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, ended that thought by telling him, "I don't think so."

"Knives Out" surrounds the death of a wealthy author, played by Christopher Plummer.

His eccentric family gathers to celebrate his 85th birthday but before the night is over, the family patriarch is dead.

That sets up the mystery.

But this whodunit is also a comedy. Craig says he laughed out loud reading the script, something he calls "rare."

"But it's even rarer than to go and watch the movie with an audience from them to get the gags," Craig said. "I mean, it was joyous. I mean joyous!"

Craig was especially pleased the audience got it. "They got everything--everything!" he said.

Curtis says you start laughing very quickly into the movie and "creating laughs in a movie? Very hard to do!"

So is creating the perfect mystery.

Even the stars didn't see the twist coming.

Ana De Armas, who plays the nurse of the man found dead, summed it up by thinking back to filming.

"What's happening? Even when we were shooting, it was complex," she said.

Chris Evans, who played the victim's entitled grandson, said every role in the film had something to offer its actors.

"You end up with a lot of actors who are excited to play in this sandbox of fun that a whodunit can offer while still having true, three-dimensional characters," Evans said.

The film's writer and director, Rian Johnson, summed up his movie this way: "I wanted this to be a roller coaster ride, not a crossword puzzle. That's what I always said on set."

"Knives Out" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters now.