Kolter Club: Childhood friends reconnect 60 years later

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Friday, October 6, 2023
Kolter Club: Childhood friends reconnect 60 years later
What started as a walking club for a group of childhood friends has turned into much more.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A group of men walk at least three miles every Sunday. The members of this walking club have one thing in common - they went to the same school 60 years ago.

Richard Seline said they named their walking club after that connection, "We have gone through many iterations of the name, I think we landed on Kolter-Geisters."

The men attended Kolter elementary in Meyerland, some were even in the same class. Life events caused a few of them to move away, but they have since returned to Houston.

"It's just by chance that we reconnected after all these years," Brad Rauch said.

The group is more than just a walking club. The friends say it's also an outlet, the men are able to talk about personal and sensitive topics.

"It's not only that we talk about the past and all of our stories from elementary school, and middle school, and high school, but it's also the future," Rauch said. "We're all 64, 65-years-old and we're all facing the same things in our careers, in our emotional lives, and in our families."