LA Auto Show kicks off with electric vehicles in the spotlight

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Friday, November 18, 2022
LA Auto show highlights electric vehicles from Toyota and Hyundai
The LA Auto Show is getting underway and electric vehicles are the stars of the show. Hyundai and Toyota will be showcasing new electric cars.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The LA Auto Show is getting underway and electric vehicles are the stars of the show. You can see brand new vehicles starting Nov. 17 through Nov. 27.

Hyundai brought its newest EV, the IONIQ 6. Electric vehicles are starting to look conventional and the IONIQ 6 is somewhat conventional looking.

"It's gone beyond that early adopter stage. It's really now more toward the mainstream, and you're seeing them in the suburban areas, shopping malls. It's really becoming entrenched in the community," said Mike Evanoff, a product planner at Hyundai Motors USA.

How about an electric car comeback story? Fiat announced that the 500e is already popular in Europe and will return to the U.S. after not being available in the states since 2019. This updated model will return to showrooms in about a year, with range and pricing to be announced closer to that time.

"We decided to take our most iconic product, our most sold car, and we decided to go all-in. All-electric, and only electric," said Olivier Francois the CEO of Fiat.

Talk about a show-stopper, the Genesis X Concept is an electric convertible. You can't buy it just yet, since it is a concept car.

When you hear the term "electrified vehicles," you might assume that only applies to cars that run strictly on battery power; however, the category also applies to hybrids.

There's no car more synonymous with hybrid power than the Prius. Toyota has taken the wraps off the next generation Prius which has more power and better fuel economy. It's the most striking one they've ever created.

"'Prius' and 'sexy' have not been used in the same sentence...until now," said David Christ of Toyota USA.

If you prefer something that's staying away from battery power altogether, Subaru's new Impreza is making its debut at the auto show. The Impreza is not a sedan anymore - just a hatchback.

"We wanted to make this new sixth-generation Impreza more useful, more playful, and more fun. A hatchback allows for this sportier design language, and a more flexible interior package," said Tom Doll, President and CEO of Subaru of America.

Then there's Porsche, always bringing something new and cool to Los Angeles. This year, it's a new rally-themed version of the iconic 911 called the Dakar, named for the iconic Paris-Dakar rally and the racing 911s that competed in it.

"It's got roughly as much ground clearance as the Porsche Macan. So it's like an SUV and a sports car that got together. It's really kind of amazing," said Luke Vandezande, a spokesperson for Porsche Cars North America.